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PT. Unigro Artha Persada

PT. Unigro Artha Persada is a company engaged in agriculture as a supplier of the most complete and affordable quality livestock equipment, and a provider of consulting services for cage construction and poultry farming that has been established since 2012.

Founded by Mr. Teddy Chandra, PT. Unigro Artha Persada started its steps by selling livestock equipment products belonging to well-known agricultural companies from various parts of the world, over time PT. Unigro Artha Persada has succeeded in producing a variety of the best quality livestock equipment and at a more affordable price for farmers in Indonesia.

PT. Unigro Artha Persada based on different activities:

  • Livestock Equipment Supplier & Agriculture Industry
  • Cattle Cage Construction and Installation Consulting Services
  • Business Consultant and Animal Science
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Hafidz Nc

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"A company that upholds teamwork, everyone here moves and synergizes so well in each division".

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"Action, Action and Action".



"Our client list is drawn from the competitive world of stand-up comedy and our boutique, focused company works closely with them to develop talents learned on the circuit into the skills needed for a long-lasting career performing and writing for television".







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